Jung Soo Park’s “Museum of Pixelated Industrial Design”

A delightful way to celebrate the work of great designers, this collection of pixelated icons from classics of mid-century modern works is priceless! Dare to name them and who designed them?

Jung Soo Park tells us:

One of the things that I miss the most from school is taking the History of Industrial Design class. In an effort to remind myself and share the great designs and designers with others, I started creating pixelated interpretations of iconic designs from the history to post on my Instagram page with little nuggets of information around each piece.

The full set of icons (yes, there are more!) can be found on Instagram or following this link to Jung Soo Park’s site.

Jung-Soo-Park-2 Jung-Soo-Park-3 Jung-Soo-Park-4 Jung-Soo-Park-5 Jung-Soo-Park-6

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